Answering Services

Whatever it is you’re looking for, you’ll find it in our industry solution directory. And if you don’t see it, it probably isn’t a real industry. Seriously, we know tons just about every industry in the world! People may say that phone answering isn’t rocket science. Well, that is just silly. And totally wrong. No, we’re not blasting off into space or creating satellites that are orbiting the planet, but we are answering every call that comes into your business with courtesy, professionalism, and such an in-depth knowledge of your organization that we will help your sales and customer retention strategies soar to the moon and back! NASA would be proud. Take a look below and explore the industry solutions we’ve developed to help small businesses like yours blast off with better customer service.


We give the accounting industry the tools to win customers and drive new revenue. Benefits include improved resource utilization, enhanced client satisfaction, and more return business.

Advertising Industry Solutions

As digital technology changes how the marketing industry connects with clients, the need for multi-channel customer service remains a constant. Any brand is only as strong as the voice behind it, and our 24-hour solutions give your brand a voice around the clock.

Small Businesses

Our small business answering service helps you manage large call volumes. When you have a live person answering your calls, you not only distinguish yourself from your competitors, but you attract new customers as well.

Food Industry

We offer specialized customer service solutions including order taking services to help businesses in the food and beverage industry. Benefits include improved response time, and greater profit realization through outsourcing.

Apparel Industry

Orkatok provides 24-hour telephone answering and customer care solutions that support your products and marketing efforts. Having our live agents available increases brand loyalty, moves more inventory, and gives you alternate channels to monitor customer demand.

Automotive Industry

For the Automotive Industry, we can not only help with initial sales but also with after sales service programs, and customer care initiatives. Our solutions help companies like yours realize higher profits.

Staffing Industry

Our live receptionists connect your business with both the employers and employees you manage. With us managing your calls, employers will have an around-the-clock support line in case of employee issues. This gives you time to find the right people to fill open opportunities.

Construction Industry

We help you expand your small business with live receptionists who understand the construction and operations industry. 24 hours a day, we give your customers the support they need to get estimates, schedule appointments, and ask questions about your expertise.


We can streamline your enrollment inquiries, engage in outbound call programs to increase revenue in your endowment and alumni funds, manage school emergency communications with live dispatching, and give students 24 hour phone service to access any department in the school.

Energy Industry Solutions

Orkatok’s live customer service solutions can help local and global energy companies navigate the industry challenge of driving long term profitable growth while delivering excellent after-hours customer service.

Engineering Industry

Engineering industry growth is created by building a solid foundation of great customer service followed by cutting costs whenever possible. Orkatok helps small businesses in the engineering industry do both.

Entertainment Industry

We have helped companies in the areas of broadcasting, publishing, sports, film, television, radio, video game, and music meet their customer service goals. We work with our clients to improve their customer service strategies, cut costs, and open up new communication channels.

Funeral Homes

As technology changes the world, death and the need for a funeral industry remain a constant. The funeral industry is driven by compassion. We help funeral homes meet the challenge of great customer service delivered 24 hours a day.

IT Industry

We work with the IT industry clients providing them Helpdesk support, Live chat and ticketing management. We have the specialized staff who are tech savvy and know what they are doing.

Attorney Offices

If you are an Attorney, you are almost always very busy and so is your office assistant. We ensure that none of your calls go unanswered. We filter the calls for you and make sure that only the most important calls get to you and the non urgent calls dont disturb you. We understand the fast paced environment of the Law offices and streamline your phone calls for you. You get more time to focus on what needs your immediate attention.

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